Stainless steel railings, 1-1/2 inches thick by 32-inches high, extend aft all the way to the cockpit. Wide stairs on each side of the cockpit lead to the 12-inch walkways up each side of the boat, with a minimum of 2- ½ inches cap rail to prevent slipping off the boat.

Stanchions intentionally placed every 42 inches to provide a rail sturdy enough to lean against while walking to the bow for safety.

Also allowing anyone who might slip on the foredeck to grab the sturdy stanchions and avoid going overboard.

A pair of unobtrusive 39-foot Tournament Ruppriggers™ made-for-action design with triple spreaders placed well above the walkway on both sides of the house provide unobstructed access when moving to the bow.

There are five custom cleats conveniently spaced from bow to stern on both sides.

The custom stainless ladders leading to both the Pilothouse deck and the Fly Bridge are constructed with 1-1/2 inch stainless steel and wide Seaboard non-slip grooved steps, providing rock solid, safe and easy access to all exterior levels.

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