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Integrated fiberglass bow pulpit with waist-high railing and toe-rail, providing an additional measure of safety for anchoring or battling that big one. Completely covered with Flexiteek, easy-care teak material boat decking adding beauty and durability.

Chain Locker features Muir Vertical 4000 Windless with 200-feet of 7/16 galvanized chain and 300-feet of nylon rope with ample storage for fenders, covers and miscellaneous gear discreetly hidden below deck.

A unique Release Marine 4-rod Classic Teak Gimbal Launcher also doubles as a mini-fighting seat complete with rod gimbal. Two recessed Bow Bait Tanks with below deck exhausts, one with mackerel tubes and the other for smaller hooked bait.

Both the Weaver Chocks for the inflatable and the Rocket Launcher for rods are removable, leaving only the custom painted Brower Electric Hydraulic Low-Profile Davit with 1,000 pounds of lifting capacity with 110-220 VAC powered winch and three stainless man-sized hatches exposed.

Overlooking the uncluttered forward deck built into the front of the house is a comfortable cushioned settee providing a unique, secluded private sunbathing getaway as well as an ideal place to scan the water for wildlife and fish on the surface.

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